About Campbell's Coffee

Roasting daily since 2006.

A micro-roaster of specialty coffees, Campbell’s Coffee was born in Covington, Louisiana, after Hurricane Katrina flood waters caused our young families to relocate from New Orleans to the picturesque northshore of Lake Pontchartrain.

 Micro-roasting for macro-flavor.

By the bag to our local and national customers, or by the cup from our mobile coffee trailer, Campbell’s provides only fresh coffees. Our specialty grade arabicas from around the world are roasted in small batches to coax the optimal natural flavors, then delivered to you at their peak.  

 Taste the fresh-roasted difference!

Our coffees never sit on a shelf. Anywhere. Ever.

We roast daily. We grind daily. We ship daily. No matter how you brew our fresh-roasted beans, pay attention to the aroma before you brew, as you’re brewing, before each taste and while you are tasting. These complexities can only be noted in fresh-roasted specialty arabica coffees. 

Explore the world of arabica coffees.

Arabica beans offer complex flavors and only grow at high altitudes in the tropics. The soil, temperature, elevation and rainfall all impact the flavor trapped inside each bean. We will share the country, region and varietal so you can make more informed comparisons as you explore new coffees. Enjoy specialized blends and single origin coffee selections of fresh-roast beans from Columbia, Sumatra, Guatemala, India, Papua New Guinea and more.

 Our green business philosophy.

We begin each day with green coffee beans and maintain a green philosophy in everything we do. Our goal is to minimize our carbon footprint in every way possible and encourage customers to bring their own coffee cups and reuse our cold drip Campbell’s Fuel containers.


We roast daily. We grind daily. We ship daily.


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