Local Pick-Up Coffee Subscription

Local Pick-Up Coffee Subscription

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The week of October 14 we are roasting a Half City India Karnataka for Covey Rise Farms and Simplee Gourmet -- free delivery!  The price will be pro-rated over the 12 week period from September 25 - December 11.  Each week you will receive 12 ounces of fresh-roasted whole bean single origin arabica coffee.  The coffees come in a compostable bag and with a description of the growing region, the coffee varietal, and some tasting notes.  We encourage you to keep track of your favorites and to really savor our coffees and to consider giving the gift of fresh-roasted coffees to your friends near and far (we ship nationwide and will work with you on private labels and gift-giving that supports our local economy).

At check out, be sure to write in the comments section:

PICK UP at Campbell's (Wednesday between 6:30am and 5pm)

PICK UP at SImplee Gourmet Covington (Wednesday between noon and 5pm) OR

PICK UP at Simplee Gourmet New Orleans (Thursday between 10am and 6pm)