2 Week Fresh-Roasted Coffee Subscription (pick up only)

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TWO (2) Weeks left in our Coffee Delivery Subscription -- a different fresh-roasted 12 oz whole bean coffee delivered to Simplee Gourmet (in Covington or New Orleans) for pick up each week.

We are looking forward to providing you with something new each week, most "off menu," at times single origin and at others house-crafted blends, all along the roasting scale from half city to Viennese. 

Each week you will receive our tasting notes; but don't take our word for it!  Keep track of what you like and become a coffee snob -- without the snobbery -- just like us!  Your order provides you with 12 ounces of a different fresh-roasted coffee each week for the season.

The week of June 20 (Wednesday in Covington and Thursday June 21 in New Orleans), we will roast a Uganda Single Origin Bugishu.  Ugandan arabicas share many characteristics of neighboring Kenyan coffees but are considered lighter and less complex.  We will roast this dark to bring a bit more into the cup.

Deliveries will continue through June 27 in Covington (Thursday June 28 in New Orleans).

If you check the box for pick up make sure you write in the "OTHER" section if you are picking up in Covington (70567 Hwy 21) or New Orleans (1000 Girod St, B-5)

**If you live outside our area and require shipping, or you want to pick up directly from us at Campbell's, you will need to order our Weekly Special Roast each week**