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We have joined with Covey Rise Farms and Simplee Gourmet to offer free delivery coffee subscription to our fans in Covington and New Orleans.

Your produce will be your coffee can be, too.

Each week we will include 12 ounces of our Featured Bean with your Covey Rise Farms share.

Campbell's roasts only on demand which means that we don't roast any coffee unless we know it will leave our shop or be brewed within 48 hours. Because we roast in micro-batches we have been able to sustain this commitment to providing only fresh-roasted beans since 2006! 

Be sure to indicate in the comments if you will pick up each Wednesday at Simplee Gourmet in Covington or each Thursday at Simplee Gourmet in New Orleans.

Deliveries continue Wednesday June 5 in Covington and Thursday June 6 in New Orleans.

Price will be prorated each week and includes the full season subscription through June 26 (Covington) and 27 (New Orleans).

As a special bonus, our compostable bags are made in an award-winning green energy facility in Wisconsin and used coffee grinds are excellent in your it's a win-win-win!