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Colombia Peaberry City

Colombia Peaberry City

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Colombia has the perfect geography and climate for growing exquisite coffee. A peaberry is actually the name for a bean that grows singly inside the fruit rather than the usual two beans.  These peaberries are culled from every crop and pooled when the quantity is enough for a full shipment.  The beauty of this is that we end up with a blend of peaberries from all of Colombia's growing regions, creating a complex, milk chocolatey coffee that is a like a crash course in all of the flavors of Colombian arabicas.


CITY ROAST is a medium roast that features a medium brown color and an enhanced flavor. There will be no oil on the surface of the beans because they haven’t been roasted long enough for the oils to break through the bean surface. City Roast is often referred to as the American roast because it is generally preferred in the United States.