We're back on-line!

September 29 is National Coffee Day here in Louisiana (and the rest of the nation -- hence the "national" part!).

The launch of our new on-line store on this particular date is deliberate.  Here at Campbell's, we celebrate ARABICA COFFEES.  Every day.  Our focus is not so much on brewing coffee, and certainly not on whipped cream and drizzle, but on ROASTING ARABICA coffees. 

And, yes, it's critical to say "arabica coffees" every time.

Here's why. 

All coffees are not the same.  What you drink at work and at the gas station and what you buy for $5 a pound are robusta coffees.  Are they coffee?  Yes.  Do they deliver caffeine?  Yes.  Plenty of it.

But robusta coffees taste bad.  They cannot ever be made to taste good as straight-up coffee.  They can be made palatable through the addition of chemicals and flavorings and cream/ers and can be slightly improved upon with the addition of arabica coffees to a blend but they can never stand on their own as anything sublime.

Here at Campbell's we start with arabica coffees from around the world and then roast them to showcase their complexities (arabica coffees can be nutty, sweet, mild, clean, fruity, bright, spicy...).   Further, we get these fresh-roasted coffees into your hands and thus into your cup with all of those complexities intact and detectable.  There is a fresh-roasted difference. 

Our arabica coffees are never warehoused.  They simply are not given the opportunity to stale...even though staling is an unstoppable process in a roasted coffee.  If you don't prepare and drink your coffee within 2 weeks of roasting, you are consuming stale coffee.  There is no way around it.  But we can get your arabica coffees into your hands at their peak so you, like us, can taste the fresh-roasted difference.

Celebrate with us.  We will be sharing coffee information with you here in the weeks and perhaps even years to come...some will be basic like, "robusta coffees taste bad but are loaded with caffeine."  Some will be more in-depth such as, "SHB stands for Strictly Hard Bean and is interchangeable with SHG, Strictly High Grown and refers to beans grown above 4,500 feet" (more on what that means in the cup in a future post).

With this launch, we are offering our fresh-roasted arabica coffees as blends that we have developed over the past almost 12 years as a micro-roaster.  We will ship your specific order the same day we roast it...that means we won't ship on Thursday-Sunday so your order is in continuous motion on its way to you.  We will roast your order just for you -- it won't be taken from some large batch of roasted coffee waiting to find a home.

Give us a try.  Taste the fresh-roasted difference.  Send us feedback.  Tell your friends.  If you find mistakes, give us a chance to fix them.  We are honest, hard-working arabica coffee people trying to bring you the absolute best aromas and flavors that arabica coffees offer.

Happy National *fresh-roasted arabica* Coffee Day!